Woolshop Staff, who is helping you!

Rocking our Red Black items, as a team!

At our store we have many talents!

Some of our staff love knitting, crocheting, and felting and we usually have someone on hand to help out with your questions and projects and some of staff host classes for the knitters and felters. We are always looking for new ideas and suggestions.

Some of us are the Website builders and maintainers! We work diligently behind the scenes adding and maintaining our website.

Some of us are the buyers who literally spend hours and hours searching for new, fun and unique products to fill our stores needs for all occasions and seasons. 

Some of our staff are the inventory control ladies, the shippers and receivers and do all the behind the scenes work that no one knows about. You walk in and voila, the store is there!

Some of us work on the visual needs of the store and do the displays and store flips of different seasons.

Some of us are the marketing and social media crew. Lots of planing, thought and effort go behind all the posts that we build.

Lots of planning, organizing, thought, effort and lots of hard work. We run not only a Fashion Store, but also a Yarn Dept, a Felting Dept, a Blanket Dept, and a complete Accessories Dept, plus an online store, Knitting, Crochet, Rug hooking, Felting and many other classes. 

So between the all the buying we do: social media posts, marketing, events, promotions, fashion shows, charity work, breast cancer program, and knitting donation program, we are always busy!!

We are a growing team of 9 and always on the move for new ideas and suggestions:)



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