3 Reasons to Wear 100% Cotton Pajamas March 26 2017

The Best Choice for Spring & Summer Sleepwear

You've heard the statistic - 33% of our lives are spent sleeping, which should be enough motivation to make sure you have a few pairs of great jammies. But what about all of that luxurious lounging time spent on the couch before bed or taking in your first cup of coffee in the morning? That'll kick the pajama-clad part of your day up significantly, especially on the weekend. While PJ's may seem like a good place to save a few bucks, why miss such an important opportunity to treat yourself?

As we come into the warmer weather season, we're loving the cotton Victorian sleepwear now in stock at the Wool Shop. The traditional Victorian styles are so comfy and romantic!

While we recommend our Victorian jammies specifically, we also just love 100% cotton in general, and here's why:

1. Cotton is Lightweight and Soft

It's so much easier to relax in something light and soft, especially in the warmer months!

2. Cotton is breatheable

Air circulation promotes deeper, better sleep. Since it doesn't hold heat in, it's great for warmer months and those who love getting cozy with blankets.

3. Cotton doesn't irritate skin

All natural cotton tends to be the least irritating to sensitive skin.

Check out our variety of great Victorian Trading Co. 100% cotton nighties, pajamas, and housecoats that come sleeveless or with sleeves in delicate prints, solids, or dotted designs.

Shop our sleepwear now or stop by the shop to see how you could be lounging and sleeping better!