Surprising Benefits of Knitting

What knitting can do for your health and well-being

Beyond just making adorable and practical things, knitting has a ton of great benefits to our well-being. As we knit on each stitch, we're focusing on and improving ourselves.

Here are a few things knitting can do for your wellness:

Knitting is a form of meditation

Once you have it down and get into a rhythm, knitting is extremely relaxing. Doing the same stitch over and over has similar benefits to the body as a meditation session. Makes sense, right? Doing a stitch can be similar to moving  prayer beads through your fingers, but you get to have a cute scarf afterwords.

Knitting relieves many symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety

 If you feel stress or anxiety coming on, one of the best things a knitter can do is reach for their needles and get started. The repetative motion of the knitting as well as sitting down and calming yourself can reduce your heart rate and lower your blood pressure.

Knitting keeps your fingers and your mind nimble

Knitting keeps your mind sharp, and helps you work your fine motor skills to keep your hands in shape. According to the Mayo clinic, seniors who create craft projects like knitting are 30-50 percent less likely to experience a "mild cognitive impairment." 

Also, working your hands keeps joints healthy as well, which can keep pain from tendinitis and arthritis at bay.

Knitting for charity can make you a happier person

Not only are there immediate physical affects of the act of knitting, but of giving away your knitting projects as well. When you make a donation to charity (like a pair of Knitted Knockers), your brain acts in a similar way to when you are...ahem...physically intimate with someone, or when you eat chocolate.

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Well then. Where are my knitting needles?


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