Does your poor kiddo have eczema? Try this! May 17 2017

Lanolin cream won't sting, and will help relieve itching

"Ouch mommy, I don't want to put lotion on! It stings!"

Sounds familiar? The eczema cycle can be fierce - kids (or adults) scratch until they have open wounds, and then can't heal because it hurts to apply lotion. 

There's hope yet! Lanolin cream won't sting or burn, and will begin the healing process while relieving that incessant itch.

Apply lanolin cream gently onto open areas and slather all over the rest of the body.

Do this every day, especially after bathing! It's recommended to apply twice per day.

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Use lanolin soap in the bath!

Other soaps can harsh, drying chemicals that will only make it worse.

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