Eco friendly clothing March 20 2017

Why should you buy eco friendly clothing like Woolrich's "Eco Rich" organic cotton garments?

Real Wool Shop - Woolrich Eco Rich Top

Here are just a few reasons:

It lasts longer

Since organic, renewable fibers are more durable than "fast fashion" pieces, it's best to invest in classic styles and timeless silhouettes you can wear season after season. Longer lasting clothing is also great for the environment because you'll reduce waste and save resources and energy.

It's better for people and animals alike

Eco friendly clothing is great for everyone. Organic clothing is often cruelty free, and many garments are made using cotton and other renewable and sustainable fibers.

It's better for the Earth, of course!

The fashion industry isn't typically known for having a small environmental footprint, but eco friendly clothing is trying to change all that. Pesticides used in growing cotton, toxic dyes, and landfills being filled with last season's "fast fashion" are all avoided by creating fashion made with organic cotton and sustainable fabrics like bamboo or hemp.

For a great example of an eco friendly clothing line, check out our Woolrich's Eco Rich label:

"The Original Outdoor Clothing company Woolrich sharing the love of the outdoor with their sustainable fibers:

"Organic cotton, recycled polyester, hemp, and wools, to help preserve the environment and ensure our future for outdoor fun!"