Get Cozy with Canadian Made Moccasins May 29 2017

Laurentian Cheif Moccs have been made in Saint-Emile, Quebec since 1945

Good moccasins are for pretty much everything. You can snowshoe in them, pad around the house in them, or slip them on first thing in the morning. Can you imagine being more cozy than having some great fur lined mocs on your tootsies next to a roaring fire? It's seriously Heaven.

What's more, our Laurentian Cheif Moccs are made nearby, and some of them are even moosehide. Not sure it gets more Canadian than that.

We have more moccs in the store than what's in our online inventory, so stop by and try some on. They aren't just for cozy firesides - there are also some higher styles that would look totally amazing with some of our bamboo leggings.

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