How do you wash Rayon? May 02 2017

Can it be machine washed?

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Rayon is created from wood pulp treated with chemicals to make it cool and comfortable. We all love how soft and airy it is - but you need to show your rayon a little love by cleaning it properly.

Always follow the cleaning instructions on the label, but in general rayon can't stand up to the same abuse that cotton tees and jeans do. You shouldn't mix delicate rayon with loads of heavy cotton jeans, as they can become entwined and the jeans may rip the rayon at the seams.

Instead, if you MUST machine wash, you can put your delicate items in a mesh bag or wash them alone.  The ideal way, however, is to hand wash with a gentle detergent (like our fave, Eucalan) and line dry.  

Rayon is stronger when it's dry than when it's wet, so make sure you grab the whole garment when pulling it out of the basin after washing rather than by one sleeve or tie.

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