How to Add Essential Oil Scents to Woolah Dryer Balls May 03 2017

Wool dryer balls are a great way to add your favorite scents to load after load of laundry

Many of you already know the benefits of using wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets - they last a very long time and reduce static cling naturally by bouncing around in the dryer, fluffing up clothing as it dries. They even reduce drying time by helping the hot air circulate better in the dryer! 




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But what about that great smell you get from using dryer sheets, you ask? Not to worry - wool dryer balls (like our favorite ones from Woolah) absorb essential oils to infuse your clothing with a light scent, so not only CAN you add smell, but you can add your own custom scent.

Which essential oils should you use? 

essential oils - wool dryer balls - real wool shopThere are a ton of benefits from adding your own essential oil scents to your wash - including, but not limited to, customizing smells for each family member if you're organized enough to sort laundry (I'm personally not, but I've heard that's a thing.)

The first step is choosing your favorite essential oil scent - you can really add any essential oil that strikes your fancy (if you're downtown visiting us, you can pop into the Granery to sniff a bunch of amazing oils during your trip), but you can start with lavendar, lemon, lemongrass, bergamot, or citrus and branch out from there.


Make sure you use therapeutic grade essential oils to avoid irritating your skin.


How do you add essential oil to the dryer balls?

In order to infuse your dryer balls, just add 5-10 drops of your oils in a mason jar, add your dryer ball, and shake it to coat. Add more oil when your ball starts to lose its scent, or wait for it to lose it entirely and change it up by adding a whole new scent.