The Best Way to Wash and Dry Your Cotton Tees April 13 2017

Let's put this debate to bed!

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Admittedly it's just so easy to toss your cotton tees in the warm wash and it's so much quicker to dry them in the dryer, but if you want your cotton clothing to last longer, you're gonna have to break those lazy laundry habits once and for all.

Line drying is best

100% cotton tees are incredibly susceptible to shrinking, as I'm sure you well know! However, since almost all of that shrinking happens in the dryer, there's a really easy way to avoid it - you gotta line dry.

Drying rapidly causes natural fibers like cotton to scrunch together, which makes the garment shrink. The best way to prevent this is to line dry outside in the summer, and in the winter you can use clothing racks or lay your tee out on a towel until it's dry.

What's the right washing temp?

While it's been a long held belief that washing in warm or hot water cleans more effectively, any temperature besides cold is going to affect your 100% cotton tees over time. Washing in warmer temps causes a loss of dye over time, which is why old tees look faded and washed out.

100% cotton tees - real wool shopSo, in short, wash your tees in cold water and line dry. Many manufacturers also go so far as to recommend washing by hand with mild detergent.Also, notice how I said "most" of the shrinking happens in the dryer? Well, guess where the rest happens? Yep, your warm water wash, which accounts for a tiny amount of shrinking as well.

But, as we all know, soft and breatable 100% natural cotton garmets are 100% worth it!

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