Use tiny looms to use up the ends of your yarn stash May 05 2017

Needle looms are adorable and simple to use

Our beatufiul Borocoo yarns are perfect for needle loom projects, which are simple to make and are, frankly, painfully adorable. Careful,  if you start using a pin loom, you're very likely to get hooked.

Pin loom clutch from the Barroco blog
Here's a closer look at how a pin loom is used:


Fortunately for all of us, Berroco has put together a series of blogs on pin loom techniques, and is even hosting a giveaway where a lucky winner will receive a loom, a book, and a skein of Berroco yarn. Here's a link to the contest.

Not sure where to grab yourself a little loom? Not to worry, you can make one out of a picture frame and some nails!

Want to get started? Come on over and grab some worsted weight yarn and check out our stock of gorgeous Borroco yarns!

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