What's a "Medical" Sheepskin? March 31 2017

Sheepskin with a purpose

We sell several types of sheepskin, from super baby soft lambswool to uniquely coloured long hair sheepskin. Sheepskin is warm in winter and cool in summer, and is great for the car, relaxing by the fire, or even keeping comfortable while cruising on your bike. 


While all sheepskin are comfy and luxurious, there's one that also has a very practical use for hospitals, hospice, and those who are bedridden at home. "Medical" grade sheepskin have a smaller pile, but are more dense and can withstand more frequent washings.

For those confined to a stationary position, medical grade sheepskin provides soft and firm support, and helps prevent bedsores because of the air that's allowed to flow through the fibres.

Whether you have a need for this special type of sheepskin or just want a versatile skin to make your home more cozy, come in and feel a medical sheepskin for yourself.