Why Buy a Spring Coat? March 22 2017

Outerwear for the in-between seasons

The other day, I found myself with both a garden gnome and a snowshovel in my cart. I may come off as being as crazy as Ontario weather in March, but I like to think I'm as pragmatic and optimistic as a spring coat.

As much as we'd love to go from parkas to swimsuits, that just doesn't happen here - let's not forget that spring and fall are really our loveliest times of the year, which should be enough reason to...ahem...SPRING for a new coat, but we came up with a few other reasons too:

Layering is in

Besides being what we MUST do because of the massive temperature swings lately, layering is firmly and solidly in style. Mix and match colourful accessories and this season's on-trend textile colours with a great neutral spring coat and you're all set.

Raincoats are great (when it rains...)

We love a good raincoat, but what about those great chilly sunny spring days? A timeless water repellent coat that's fashionable and versatile is worth the investment. We do live in summer shower country, after all.

Here are a few ways to build looks around your neutral spring coat:


All of the coats here are part of the Wool Shop's new spring inventory - and they're all washable and water repellent.

We're ready for spring, are you?