Why Soft-Soled Shoes are Best for Baby April 03 2017

Give those tootsies some room to grow!

Baby shoes are so cute - especially when they're mini versions of your favorite pairs! But recent studies show that baby's feet aren't the same as adults', and that while they're learning to walk (and even after), it's best not to confine those little toesies to traditional hard-soled shoes. 


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As baby's feet are developing, it's best to let them form on their own without confining them to rigid sneakers or sandals. As podiatrist Dr. Jane Anderson explains, "you want them either barefoot or in the most flexible shoe possible so their muscles can develop properly...flexibility is the most important issue as they are developing their arch." (source)

Dr. Anderson also points out that rigid soled shoes can be tough for new walkers, since they add more weight to each step. 

So what's a Canadian baby to do while toddling around cold, hard floors? We have a few ideas!

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