2015 Lambsdown Park Festival June 24 2015

The weather was perfect for our annual Lambsdown Park Festival.

The people were great and so were all the animals! There were vendors selling foods, handmade crafts, face painting, you name it then it probably was here last Saturday.

There was sheep shearing, sheep dog demos, dance lessons, children's pony race, learn to finger knit / crochet / felting table . . . . just to name a few events that took place that day.

Check out the videos and pictures from this event on our head office website at www.wool.ca/Lambsdown_Park_Festival 

Hope to see you next year!

Just a sample of the crafts that were made during our Annual Lambsdown Park Festival.

We had kids, young and old, learning a new talent or refreshing an old one. Some were taught how to finger knit, finger crochet or as above, how to felt sheep's wool into a lamb. Once the googly eggs and pipe cleaner legs were added, it started to look like a lamb.

We received donations from suppliers for the yarn that was used for finger knitting or finger crocheting. The sheep’s wool roving was donated by the Real Wool Shop.

Credit for the success of the craft table is due to the kids of the staff that were doing the teaching.

Thanks you guys! You did a great job!