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Tips for washing your cotton sweaters


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Our Canada 150 sweaters are here, and you guys love them! But how do you keep that gorgeous, bright red looking red for years to come, and how do you keep your great cotton sweater from losing its shape? You're gonna have to wash it correctly.

Hand washing and drying flat is the best way to wash any sweater, hands down! You won't lose colour or have a shrunken or stretched sweater on your hands. 

But if you must wash your sweaters, always use cold water. Always.

Sweaters need to be agitated during washing as little as possible, so you're going to want to run them on the delicate cycle on the shortest length possible, if your washer has a cycle length option.

If you really want to show your sweaters some love, use a mesh laundry bag or zip up pillow case to keep them from rubbing up against your other clothing.

And, there's no getting around this - air dry that sweater. Put it on a towel, don't hang it up, and if you'd like to move things along a little more quickly, dry it near a window, dehumidifier, or fan.

That sweater makes you so nice and cozy, doesn't it deserve to be treated right?

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