How to Refresh Oilskin Coats with Wax Dressing

Preserving your high-performance outerwear

Oilskin is a very unique fabric that's made by weaving 100% cotton yarn into strong, durable canvas, and then treating it with wax and polymers to create an extremely strong barrier against Ontario wind and wetness.

What's more - it's cotton, so it's incredibly breathable.

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We offer a great selection of oilskin coats and hats, but once you get your great new garment, how do you keep it looking and feeling great for years to come?

More wax, of course!

Touch up spots that need a bit of renewal or treat your whole jacket or hat each winter to re-waterproof it.

We recommend using our wax dressing to treat your oilskin outerwear:

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How to apply your wax dressing

Before applying your wax dressing, clean off dust and dirt with cold water and sponge. Don't use hot water, a washing machine, or soap, as this could permanently remove the wax coating and you won't be able to reapply it.

To soften your tin of wax, take off the lid and let the container stand in hot water until the wax softens. This should take around 20 minutes.

Once the wax is soft, work it into your jacket or hat, paying special attention to creases, dry patches, and seams. Keep the wax away from any cloth or corduroy collars, cuffs, jacket lining, or pockets.

You can achieve a smooth and even finish by going over your jacket or hat with a blow dryer after the wax has been applied.

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