Ezzewear Cotton Fashions Made in Ontario 🍁

Made for Ontario summers

Even if it's not summer yet, we always know it must be coming soon (SO SOON!) when we get our new Ezze Wear styles in the Wool Shop. Since this is one of our most popular clothing brands, chances are you may have heard of it, but if you haven't (or if you have), here are a few facts you may not have known about one of our favourite clothing companies:

It's Designed AND MADE in Ontario 🍁

Ezze Wear has been an Ontario company based in Woodbridge since it first started in 1991. We'd love their flowy and stylish garments even if they weren't local, but we're so glad they are!

Ezze Wear clothing is "perma shrunk"

Even though most styles are 100% cotton, your EzzeWear garment won't shrink, stretch or lose its shape. 

Ezze Wear started with just one style in one size in 1991

They now have more than 100 items in 20 gorgeous colours - pretty impressive!

We sell Ezze Wear online and in our Carleton Place shop - check this year's new styles and colours.

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