Lambswool Dusters

The dusting debate is on - which material is best for grabbing debris?

In our opinion, lambswool dusters are king. They last for years, and are soft enough to handle shelves full of the most del

No really, but why?

If you want the sciency answer, you're going to have to know a little bit about lanolin. Lanolin is wool's secret ingredient - it's in nearly every wool product (unless it's been removed to make it hypoallergenic to those sensitive to it). It can do an impressive amount of thingsĀ from moisturizing skin to Ā preventing rust, and in the case of dusters, it makes a great dirt magnet.Ā 

The lanolin in lambswool dusters acts pulls in and holds on to dust particles so that you don't need to use additional chemical cleaners to clean dusty surfaces.

How to clean your lambswool duster

In order to clean your duster, just clean in mild detergent, allow to air dry, and spin the handle between your palms to fluff the duster up once more.Ā 

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