Liam the Lamb goes to Mexico March 31 2016

Liam the Lamb is the Real Wool Shops' newest member!

Liam the Lamb is making a trip to Mexico to visit with family and friends, share the adventure.

He takes an early morning flight out of Ottawa airport after getting his morning fix at Tim Hortons. Next, it's onto the plane where he gets a window seat.

Liam the Real Wool Shop lamb at Tim Hortons  Liam the Real Wool Shop lamb on a plane to Mexico

 Long layover between planes so need a chocolate fix to keep going.

Liam the Real Wool Shop lamb getting chocolate 

Made it to Mexico where he is getting lots of love from the grand kids. Spending Easter weekend with the grand kids and chocolate!

Liam the Real Wool Shop lamb getting loved by the grand kids Laim the Real Wool Shop's lamb enjoying Easter

Enjoying the day outside, going for a bike ride around town. Trying to find some shade, maybe the national bird will supply some. Sure glad it is a statue and not real.

Liam the Real Wool Shop's lamb in Mexico riding a bike  

Doing a wee bit of shopping in out of the heat

 Calling home, missing the people we left back in Canada....

 Setting up for the big birthday party!  The candles sure are large in Mexico


Met all kinds of nice people in airports on the way back to Canada.
Some people just had to squeeze me and hug me to bits. I am just sooooo loveable! 

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