Wool Rovings for Felting or Crafts


Rovings (also called roping) are thick, continuous cords of carded wool for use in hand-spinning, hooking rugs and saddle pads, and felt making. They are approximately 3 inches in diameter. 
Carded Wool is ideal for use in both wet felting and needle felting.
Using the woollen milling system, our carded wool is brushed, not combed, creating a continuous web with fibres travelling in all directions.
This characteristic significantly aids in the laying-out process of wet-felt making and quickens the felting process in needle-felt making.
For your convenience we are offering the following:
1 pound bags are $27.00
1/2 pound bags are $14.00
1/4 pound bags  are $7.00

Natural Cream  CUS100
Multi Coloured   CUS4125D

Dyed colours

Natural cream 01

Natural light grey 02

Natural medium 03

Natural dark grey 04

Natural black 02

Royal 05

Sea green 06

Turquoise 09

Red 16

Purple 17

Mauve 18

Brown 20

Plum 21

Light plum 22

Dyed black 23

Moss green24

Slate Blue 25

Navy Blue 27

Orange 28

Peach 29

Jade Heather 101

Plum Heather 103

Forest Green Heather 110

Dark Pink Heather 114

Wine Red Heather 116

Turquoise Purple Heather 118

Beige Heather  119

Denim Heather 125

Sage Green Heather 126

Navy Purple Heather 127


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