Socks Alpaca Striped Everyday*

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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada has a nice selection of Double Alpaca Blankets, Queen Alpaca Blankets, Alpaca Scarves, and Socks. Alpaca is hypoallergenic, soft, warm and water resistant. Cozy up with our Tres Cache or Pokoloko products.

The Peruvian Alpaca, relative to the camel, lives in cold temperatures and high altitudes. To adapt, the Alpaca developed fleece known to the ancient Incas as the "fibre of the gods", with unique thermal properties, unparalleled strength and luxurious softness.

Non-itchy, Breathable, Anti-Bacterial Alpaca socks.

54% Microfiber 23% Baby Alpaca 16% Nylon 7% Elastic