Yarn - Comfortwolle - Fall Colors - Superwash Sock Yarn*

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618  -Delicately merging colour gradient over complete sock. A piece of white thread in the middle of the ball, gets you two identical socks.

918 - Funny dots in delicate, pastel colour gradient.

1018 - Comfort is sock wool to feel good. After two repeats you have arrived in the middle of the ball. Then the color repeat starts again to knit two absolutely identical stockings without effort

1116b - Narrow stripes in more delicate colours characterize this sock wool. Due to the narrow stripes, the socks appear very noble and conjure up a beautiful silhouette even with stronger feet.

1218 - great pattern with a soft gradient.

Fibre: 75% Superwash wool 25% Polyamide
Weight: 100g
Length: 420m