Comforter Wool Canadian


Single 80" x 62" - 2.5 lbs wool filling
Twin 80" x 70" - 3 lbs wool filling

Double 90" x 70" - 3 lbs wool filling
Queen 90" x 96" - 4 lbs wool filling
King 90" x 108" - 5 lbs wool filling

180 per inch thread count
Fibre Content: 100% virgin Canadian wool fill with a quality 100% cotton cover
This luxurious, long-lasting comforter will keep you cozy in winter, pleasantly cool in summer.

Unlike synthetic and down-feather products, wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in water without feeling damp, making it comfortable to sleep under for all users even in extremely humid conditions. This is excellent for users who sweat a lot during the night or who are living in humid climates

You'll wake up rested and refreshed. 
This natural product has been washed, sterilized, combed and fluffed for allergy-free comfort.
It gives the comforter its warmth while wicking away the moisture your skin gives off and allowing it to evaporate unhindered.
Care: Fluff and air occasionally
Can be washed in your washing maching if room permits (washing instructions included)
Air dry


Comes in unbleached white and bleached white

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