Lamb Mini Flopsies - Gray Face*

Lamb Mini Flopsies - Gray Face*

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This cute little Black Face Sheep makes a fine choice for those who are in need of a bit of farmyard fantasy.
It’s a fine choice, creating a realistic take on the fluffy little sheep that we all love so much, and ensuring that you are left with a more engrossing and charming take on these wonderful little animals.

8" from toe to toe
Suitable for all age brackets.
Takes the form and shape of the real sheep and ensures it’s accurate.

Their name comes from their bean-weighted bodies and soft, hug-able stuffing. .
Each Flopsie stuffed animal has double-bagged beans in their feet, bellies, and sometimes in their bottom if they're posed in a sitting position..
These bean bags give them their signature floppiness.
Handmade plush lamb toys

High quality materials and hand construction makes for a unique and soft touch.
Each Miyoni features a special hang tag with unique species information.

Plush animals made with the finest quality, exceptional detail and super soft to the touch! Plastic eyes, embroidered facial features and weighed feet
Soft polyester fabric and fill
Care: surface wash
Wonderful gift item