Mohair Curly Locks Felting CWM🍁

Mohair Curly Locks Felting CWM🍁

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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada has a large selection of Wool and Meriono Wool Rovings from various Companies in Canada such as, Moss Creek, Custome Woolen Mills, Briggs and Little, Belfast Mini Mills and Infiknit. Buy them by the 1 pound bag or 1/4 pound, all colours available. We also carry felting supplies, felting kits and books🍁


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Mohair Locks are washed, uncarded locks of fibre from the Angora Goat.

They have a unique, tight wave and brilliant lustre.

They take dye excellently and can be used to add texture and shine to wool felt and hand-spun yarns.

They are also commonly used for doll hair, Santa beards, and teddy bear fur. 

We offer them in natural white as well as assorted dyed colours. In the assorted dyed colour pack you will get a random assortment of at least 5 colours.

Price is per 65 grams package. 

100% Canadian Mohair  

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