Needle Protectors & Holders


Needle point protectors for all sizes of needles, even circular needles! Great way to keep them organized.

Jumbo Point Protectors
Large - blue 
2 in a pack.
For needle sizes 12.75 - 15mm

Small - orange 
4 each in a package.
For needles size 8 - 10mm

Sheeps Head for double ended (fits up to a set of 5)
Small - Green: for needle sizes 2mm - 3.75mm 
Large - Purple:  for needle sizes 4mm - 6.5mm


Circular Needle Protetor
2 orange / 2 red 
Needle sizes 8mm - 15mm.
Compactly stores without spreading needles.
4 each in a package.


Coil Knitting Needle Holders
Small - 5 per pkg
Single pointed needle sizes: 2.75mm to 5.5mm
Double pointed needle sizes: 2mm to 4mm

Large - 3 per pkg
Single pointed needle sizes: 6mm - 10 mm
Double pointed needle sizes: 4.5mm - 6.5mm

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