Padraig Slippers Wool Baby/Children



These quality slippers are cozy, long-lasting, and have non-skid soles to promote a stable footing on virtually any type of flooring.
These slippers will conform to the child's feet without being constrictive.
Made of lovely vibrant colours they will delight the whole family.
Absolutely the best gift ever for a new baby.

Fibre Content: 100% wool upper, sheepskin sole

Care: Machine wash, spin out excess water and air dry.

Colours: Blue Multi, Denim, Forest Green, Cream, Grey with Cream Stripe, Pink Stripe, Pink Multi, Rainbow, Red Stripe


NB- Newborn

B3- Baby (3 - 12 months)

B5- Baby  (1 - 2 yrs)

B7- Baby  (2 - 3 yrs)

C9- Child  (3 - 4 yrs)

C-11 Child (4 - 5 yrs)

C-11 Children's shoe size 11



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