Vest - Sheepskin - Men's

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A properly cared for sheepskin vest will last for decades.

Nothing beats the cozy warmth of pure shearling.

Shearling Care:

Storage of Shearling Jackets & Coats

Always hang your shearling on a well-shaped coat hanger.
When storing your shearling jackets & coats, never put it in a plastic garment bag for an extended amount of time. Cloth garment bags are highly recommended for both storage and travel.
Do not “stuff” your shearling in with lots of other clothes. Shearling coats need a bit of “breathing room” when hung in a closet.
Do not store your shearling in direct light as it can fade the garments natural color over time.
Never place your shearling right next to an open fire or other strong source of heat for it may shrink, warp, or even burn.


Care When Wet

Shearling garments can be worn in snow or a light drizzle. If you get caught in a heavy rain, hand the garment on a padded hanger, then dry your shearling with a towel and allow it to dry naturally at room temperature, away from any source of heat.
Once your shearling is dry, use a suede brush on the suede side and a gentle steel comb on the hair side.
Spray your garment with silicone based leather protector before and after the winter season.


Dry Cleaning

Make sure you only take your shearling to a leather or suede specialist.
Solvents and salt can accumulate on the jacket and can damage it if left for any amount of time. It is important to wipe off the above mentioned with a damp cloth.



Most wrinkles will fall out when left in a steamy bathroom

If garment needs pressing, use dry heat iron set at a low setting. Make sure to use a press cloth to prevent burning the skin.