Wool Shops Charity Work

Over the years we have tried to always give back to something important and do our part of helping others.

We donate kids items to Cheo and donate fashions to the good as new for the Woman's Shelter here in Carleton Place.

This year we started a "Hearts for our Hospital" with donated Knitting pieces of dishcloths, hearts, baby things, hats, felted items etc, we sold them and those proceeds went to our local hospital with raising $1,000! This knitting is ongoing charity work and anyone who would like to donate or felt anything, please feel free to donate. We were lucky to have a large donation of spool yarns this year so those were and still are being sold for $5.00 per spool with the proceeds also going to our local hospital.

We collect yarns for one of our customers who knits and donates hats for the homeless. Anyone wanting to donate yarn, just drop off.

We hosted our First "Annual Woman's Event" this September and promoted fitness, health, beauty and well being. This event was held on our grounds and vendors were welcome to set up their products with a fee of $20 for the space and those proceeds were split between the Woman's Shelter and our Local Hospital. We had different raffles set up and special sales. We managed to raise another $1600 and split that between the Woman's Shelter and our Hospital.

For 2020, we are looking to do some more Charity work. One of our charity's we are looking at will deal with local animal shelters. We are still looking for ideas.


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