Product Inforfmation

The Ultimate Summer Label!

Introducing: “Just Cotton”, a line of 100%, pre-shrunk cotton, and…wait for it…it is designed and produced in Canada! 

Why You Need These Socks In Your Wardrobe…

Introducing a customer favourite: “Feel Good” ladies compression socks by McGregor! These silky, smooth socks are so comfy, you won’t want to wear anything else!

Introducing Stanfields Socks and Warm Wear!

Quality, longevity, warmth and great fit-this is what legendary labels are made of! And a legend Stanfields is! 

Bennifits of Sheepskins!!

 These luxurious sheepskins have many health benefits, including relief for muscle aches, improved circulation, body temperature regulation, and treatment for bed sores, and other bacterial problems.

Proudly Made In Canada...Introducing: Sugar Bush Yarns

Much like the Maple trees yield sweet syrup, Sugar Bush Yarns is a symbol of Canada-"hearty, bold and a wonder to behold!" 

Proudly Made In Canada...Introducing: Padraig Cottage Slippers!

Padraig slippers were first designed by a Canadian mom, who made a pair of slippers for her young son in 1977. After selling her hit products at local craft markets, this momtrepreneur decided to create her own label, which has grown and evolved into a thriving North Vancouver company.

Proudly Made In Canada...Introducing: Hides In Hand

This leather manufacturer, Hides in Hand, located in Rockwood, Ontario proudly thrives on creating 100% Canadian hand-crafted products, using regulated hides from local hunters only.

Proudly Made In Canada…Introducing Laurentian Chief Mocassins!

Laurentian Chief Mocassins by Eugene Clothier are inspired by footwear worn by Native American tribes.

Proudly Made In Canada…Introducing: Garneau Slippers!

Garneau slippersDesigned and produced in Quebec, Canada, these authentic Garneau sheepskin slippers are synonymous with excellent quality, and unmatched comfort! 

Mohair Blankets, why we love Mohair!!!

The Best Blankets Ever!!! Mohair is a fabric or yarn made from the hair of the Angora goat, thus why its so soft and appealing to everyone. 

Roving Kits and Supplies

real wool shop - butterfly feltingYarns, Roving, Knitting and Felting Supplies for the beginner to the expert!

Bamboo-Why Wear Bamboo?

Yes, we're the Wool Shop, but that doesn't mean we don't appreciate a good natural fabric. We take pride in the high quality of our wool and cotton products, and now we've added viscose from bamboo to the mix.

Moccasins-How to Care for them.

Looking for the perfect foot love?

Proudly Made In Canada…Introducing: Thermohair Socks!

Looking for natural, warm, and durable socks? Introducing one of our shop’s best seller: Thermohair socks!  

Lambswool Dusters

In our opinion, lambswool dusters are king. They last for years, and are soft enough to handle shelves full of the most delicate curios, and grab enough dust that you can clean most things in one pass.

Caplets-Eight Ways to Wear our Caplet!!

Caplets are for all seasons!! Throw one over a turtleneck, dress, top or wear it as an accessory!!  A must have item in your wardrobe!

Lanolin Skin Cream-5 Reasons why to use it.

Try our Merino/Lanolin Skin Cream. Its amazing!! Besides being a 100% natural product, lanolin is also collected from wool that's already being gathered to make yarn, clothing, and other wool products.

Eucalan wash for dedicates and caring for your Pets!!

Eucalan is used for many things beside your dedicates, wool blankets, and sheepskins. Try it to wash your pets!!

Wool-Why Wear Wool in the Summer?

 Wool is worn all Seasons!!

Ezzewear Cotton Fashions made in Ontario!!

Ezzewear Spring and Summer Fashions 2020 coming soon the The Real Wool Shop!!

Proudly Made In Canada...Introducing: Briggs & Little Yarn

If you have ever walked through Canada’s wool grading facility, located in the CCWG, in Carleton Place, Ontario, you may have wondered “what is done with all of this wool”? In this blog series, we will take you on the exciting journey of manufacturing and creating some of our country’s finest products, including our wool!

Proudly Made in Canada... Introducing: MacAusland Wool Blankets!

Best Sellers!! Come get one of the best Blankets in Canada! In this blog series, we will feature Canadian products, sourced from our country’s farms and mills, often graded at our facility, manufactured at our suppliers, and sold at The Real Wool Shop.

Parkhurst Canada Sweaters

Get your Canada Day Sweater here at the Real Wool Shop!!

How to Refresh Oilskin Coats with Wax Dressing

Preserving your high-performance outerwear