Proudly Made in Canada 🍁 MacAusland Wool Blankets

Best Sellers!! Come get one of the best Blankets in Canada! In this blog series, we will feature Canadian products, sourced from our country’s farms and mills, often graded at our facility, manufactured at our suppliers, and sold at The Real Wool Shop.

MacAusland wool blankets are made from Canada’s own raw wool! This beautifully hand-crafted product is created by MacAusland Woolen Mills, located in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island.

Family owned and operated, since 1902, this quaint, yet renown business is the jewel of the Atlantic! From the local wool growers to our grading facility, right here in Carleton Place, to their doorstep, MacAusland only receives the finest, 100% virgin wool for their beloved product.

The wool is washed, combed, spun into thread, woven on looms, pre-shrunk, designed and produced at the mill. The result? A warm, highly durable and stunning masterpiece, built on traditional values of quality, craftsmanship and beauty. What a perfect gift!

If you happen to be in PEI, MacAusland Woollen Mills will gladly give you a hospitable east coast welcome to their facility, where you can learn more about this Canadian business. If you can’t make the trip to the Maritimes, you can still see the lovely array of these special blankets, right here, in Eastern Ontario, at The Real Wool Shop, in Carleton Place.

Here, at the store, we value sustainability and authenticity in a supplier. From Canada’s wool industry, to your home, we proudly carry many unique pieces that tell a Canadian story! We can’t wait to share that story with you! Follow our blog series to discover more Canadian gems, tucked inside your local goldmine, The Real Wool Shop!

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  • Nancy Savage

    I have recieved a lap blanket it is beautiful I love it

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