Eucalan: More Than Just a Wool Wash🍁

We all know how great Eucalan is for washing our delicates, knitwear, quilts, and fancy undies, but did you know it is also great for your pets?

Firstly, what is Eucalan?

Eucalan is a wool wash comprised of lanolin and essential oils. Lanolin is a naturally occurring oil found on sheep’s wool – they produce this oil to keep their wool soft and protected. To get lanolin off the sheep and into products such as Eucalan, it is separated from the wool in a centrifuge after the sheep has been shorn. The essential oils are added to Eucalan to give it a nice scent without the addition of harmful chemicals.

Washing Wool

While Eucalan has many uses beyond washing  wool, its main goal is to help make laundry day  easier for you when it comes time to wash your wool. Lanolin is the perfect choice for wool because it is literally made to keep wool healthy! Eucalan should be your first choice when it comes to washing MacAusland Blankets, Sheepskins, Wool Garments such as Thermohair Socks, and all your other wool pieces. You can follow the easy directions on your Eucalan bottle for top and front-load washing machines, hand-washing, and air drying.

Washing your Pets

Eucalan is made from a natural formula of essential oils and lanolin making it non-toxic and very gentle on skin and fur. The Eucalyptus scent also helps repel bugs and ticks which is a must-have for any pet venturing outdoors! If you are unsure about using essential oils on your pet, we suggest diluting the Eucalan with water or trying our Non-Scented Eucalan.

Here’s how Eucalan recommends using their product on your pets:

“For small pets (e.g. a small dog, guinea pig, or hedgehog), add anywhere from 5mL/1tsp to 15mL/1 Tbsp of Eucalan to a basin or laundry tub. Fill with water. Then wash your friend in the water and Eucalan mixture. You can follow up with a gentle rinse but if they dash away, it’s ok, Eucalan won’t harm their coat or skin. Then remove your friend from the water and give them a towel dry.

For larger animals (e.g. a large dog or horse) we recommend a slightly different method. Get your animal thoroughly wet. Then you can rub full-strength Eucalan directly onto their fur or hair. Be sure to start with small amounts as a little goes a long way. Rinse as much of the soap as you can off and then towel dry.”


Washing Pet Beds

You can also wash your pet’s bed using Eucalan. Eucalan is used in place of regular laundry detergent, so it is best to follow the washing directions on your pet’s bed. Before throwing the bed into the washing machine, you should remove as much fur as possible for the best results. When it comes time to dry, smaller items can be placed in the dryer with a dryer ball using the low setting. Larger items are better left to air dry – to avoid discolouration, do not dry in direct sunlight.

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