Eucalan Wash for Delicates and Caring for Your Pets 🍁

Eucalan Woolwash isn't just for wool 

(We can totally relate!)

We all know how great Eucalan is for washing delicates, knitwear, quilts, and fancy undies, but did you know it's awesome for puppers, too?

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Washing your pets

The natural formula and essential oils make it non-toxic and very gentle on their skin and fur, and the Eucalyptus scent helps repel bugs and ticks! (And you don't want to take your chances with skipping tick prevention this time of year).

Eucalan is awesome for washing cats, too. However, they may disagree on principle - you're on your own there.

Washing Pet Beds

Most pet beds can be washed in the washing machine with Eucalan. If it's too big, it might be a good idea to hike over to your local laundromat and toss it into the oversize machines there.

Washing a pet bed is a bit different than washing clothes, since you're dealing with fur babes which come with, ya know, fur.

Use a lint roller or other sticky thing (toddler jam hands?) to remove as much pet hair from the bed as  you can. Place it in the washing machine upside down so the top gets the most cleaning. Add a capful of Eucalan, let it do its thing, and put it in the tub to air dry. If you live on the edge, you may even be able to tumble dry on a short low-heat cycle, but remember to clean that lint trap afterwords.


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