Lanolin Skin Cream: 5 Reasons Why You Should Use It

What is Lanolin and What is it Doing in a Skin Cream?

Lanolin is a naturally occurring oil found on sheep’s wool – they produce this oil to keep their wool soft and protected. To get lanolin off the sheep and into your Merino Lanolin Skin Creams, it is separated from the wool in a centrifuge after the sheep has been shorn. The natural benefits lanolin provides for sheep can have the same positive impact on our skin by nourishing and hydrating it better than other oils and lotions.

Here's why you should use Merino Lanolin Skin Cream:

  1. Lanolin is sustainable as it is a natural by-product of sheep’s wool! The oil is collected from wool that has already been gathered for yarn, clothing, and other wool products.
  2. Your skin will be protected from dirt and grime! Since lanolin is an oil, it creates a barrier on your skin that stops unwanted dirt to get through. Since oil and water don’t mix, you also don’t have to worry about lanolin being washed off your skin by rain or sweat.
  3. Lanolin has been used throughout history! It has been through centuries of testing all the way back to the domestication of sheep. The Ancient Greeks may have been some of the first people to recognize its benefits for skin.
  4. Lanolin not only keeps unwanted dirt from getting on your skin, but it also locks in moisture you want to keep on your skin! Make sure to apply lanolin cream right after a shower or bath to seal in hydration while it is clean.
  5. Lanolin is a great choice while pregnant, if you’re recovering from surgery, or if you are diabetic! It helps keep skin soft and stretchy so it can be rubbed on stretch marks or dry and cracking skin. It can also be used on scars after surgery to relieve itching and keep them hydrated. For diabetics, it can help with the side effects of insulin use that dry out the skin, especially on the feet – massage well while applying to prevent calluses and deep cracking.

Now that you know all the great reasons to try Merino Lanolin Skin Cream, stop by The Real Wool Shop or visit us online to shop our selection of creams! We carry a variety of sizes for your convenience. We also carry a Lanolin Collagen Cream with SPF 30 which is great for keeping skin looking younger!

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