Lanolin Skin Cream-5 Reasons why to use it.

We love this sheep product, and so should you!

Let's get this out of the way right off the bat - lanolin is a yellow oily secretion from the sheep's sebacious gland. It's often called sheep oil or sheep wax, and despite how gross that sounds, it's downright magical when used in cosmetic products or creams like our lanolin skin cream

Lanolin is collected from wool once it's been sheared

Besides being a 100% natural product, lanolin is also collected from wool that's already being gathered to make yarn, clothing, and other wool products.

Lanolin skin cream provides a protective barrier

Lanolin is an oil, which means that not only does it make skin super soft, it also protects it from dirt and grime when applied before working outside or in the shop.

Lanolin has been used since the REALLY old days

There are references to lanolin being used as a protective coating and medical emollient in ancient Roman texts. They were definitely on to something! 

It will "capture moisture" after you bathe

It prevents dirt from coming in throughout the day, which means it can also seal moisture in. Make sure you apply your lanolin cream right after the shower or bath to help seal in the hydration you just gave your skin.

It's especially useful to those who are diabetic, pregnant, or recovering from surgery

Lanolin softens skin and helps it become stretchier, so it helps to relieve itching on scars right after surgery. It also helps prevent stretch marks on pregnant tummies, and is a fantastic nipple cream when breast feeding to help prevent painful cracking.

Lanolin cream is also great for diabetics, since insulin usage tends to dry out the skin and cause deep cracks in the skin, especially on the feet. We recommend using lanolin skin cream daily on the feet to hold moisture, massaging well while applying to prevent calluses and deep cracks from forming.

We also carry Lanolin Skin Cream with Collagen, which is great for keeping skin looking younger.

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