Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls 🍁

Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls are hand-made in Canada and are sure to improve your next laundry day! Read on to learn more about how dryer balls work and all the benefits they can have for you!


  1. They work better than dryer sheets! Wool dryer balls reduce the overall drying time, reduce static, soften clothes, and reduce wrinkles.
  2. They do not contain harmful chemicals like dryer sheets and fabric softeners. The chemicals found in other dryer products can be harsh on sensitive skin and expose users to unfavourable chemicals. Dryer Balls make for the perfect alternative because they are made of 100% wool!
  3. They extend the lifespan of your clothing! They are gentle on clothing meaning you don’t have to worry about how your favourite garments will fare in the dryer.
  4. They can last for over 1000 loads of laundry! Wool dryer balls are extremely durable and will last for many laundry days to come. Not only does this mean you can stop restocking your dryer products as often, but they are also far more eco-friendly!
  5. They are very affordable! Investing in wool dryer balls is the best choice for your wallet. Spend less on dryer products and save on electricity with this cost and energy-efficient product!

    How to Use Your Dryer Ball

    Now that you know why wool dryer balls are the perfect choice for any home, here’s how to use them! Moss Creek suggests using three dryer balls at a time so they can work together in the dryer. For larger loads and dryers, they suggest using as many as six at a time. Wool dryer balls work by creating a bit of chaos in your dryer – they bounce around, moving your clothes with them, and absorb moisture creating a humid environment. It is the humidity that removes wrinkles so in especially dry environments, Moss Creek suggests dampening your dryer balls before use.

    Sustainable & Cruelty-Free

    As mentioned in the benefits of wool dryer balls, they are an eco-friendly choice! They last longer meaning you’re creating less waste, and they reduce drying time so you can use less power. Also, wool farming is a sustainable practice so you can be sure your wool dryer balls come from an eco-conscious practice. Beyond their sustainable qualities, Moss Creek Dryer Balls are also cruelty-free. The sheep from which their dryer ball wool comes are free-range, never muzzled, raised only for their wool, and never exposed to chemicals during sheep dips. Moss Creek dryer balls are an all-around perfect choice making happy sheep, a happy planet, and a happy laundry day!

    Care Practices & Lifespan

    Your wool dryer balls will be put to work and might come out with some pilling and loose threads they picked up along the way – this is nothing to worry about! When your dryer ball starts to pill and catch threads, you can simply trim them to make them look brand new again. If they get dirty, you can easily throw them into your next load of laundry. If they come out a little misshapen, they can be reshaped by hand while wet. You can wash them in hot water – this can strengthen them and make them less prone to future pilling!

    When it is time to retire your dryer ball, take advantage of their biodegradable nature by using them for mulch in your garden or leave them out so birds can collect nest-making fibres!

    Other Uses

    If you get creative, there are so many alternative uses you can imagine for your wool dryer balls. They can make for the perfect pet toy – Moss Creek made some for the orangutans at the Toronto Zoo! Because they are so soft, they also make great indoor toys for the kids – learn how to juggle, set up your own bowling alley, or just play a game of good old-fashioned catch!

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