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If you have ever walked through Canada’s wool grading facility, located in the CCWG, in Carleton Place, Ontario, you may have wondered “what is done with all of this wool”? In this blog series, we will take you on the exciting journey of manufacturing and creating some of our country’s finest products, including our wool!

This week’s feature is the beloved, and highly sought after product of our knitting clients:  Briggs & Little designer yarns! This family owned and operated business

is located in York Mills, New Brunswick. The mill has been in operation for over 160 years, and has been in the same family, handed down, generation bygeneration.

Once the raw wool arrives at Briggs & Little Woolen Mills, it is washed, carded (a process, in which the fibre is straightened and blended with colour), spun into strong and smooth yarn, and twisted into various plys. It is then reeled, and beautifully coloured with environmentally friendly dyes. Next, the yarn is drained and dried, then pressed, inspected, and wound into butterfly skeins (loosely wound, to create less tension on the yarn) The result? A gorgeous, quality yarn, with a low carbon imprint, and a soft, lustrous feel.

Briggs & Little remains as committed to excellence today, as it was in it’s first year of operation, in 1916. From the owners: “We are unwilling to treat our yarns to the harsh chemicals necessary to burn out all the remaining vegetable matter or do the super wash treatment”. Who wants harsh chemicals? Here, at The Real Wool Shop, we don’t! We have listened to our customer’s desire for exceptional items, and we have delivered by committing to high standard labels, just for you!

Natural, sustainable, beautiful...and proudly made in Canada! Come and browse through our yarn department to see the stunning collection of Briggs & Little at the shop. We are located at 142 Franktown Rd, in between the CCWG wool grading warehouse and the CCWG Livestock Supplies Shop.






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  • Ella Hall

    I used your yarn to knit a sweater for our son. I love it and am very happy with the results. Thank you

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