Thermohair Mohair Socks🍁

Looking for natural, warm, and durable socks? Introducing one of our shop’s best seller: Thermohair socks!

Locally produced, in South Mountain, Ontario, this quality item is highly sought after by outdoor enthusiasts! The fibre is obtained through the angora kid goat, one of the world’s most luxurious textiles. They naturally grow a long, silky hair called mohair. Mohair is a natural, renewable resource renowned for its lustre, softness, warmth, durability, and easy care. These socks are made of kid mohair, which is the first hair sheared from the young kid when the hair is soft, and very fine.

Clients who suffer from cold feet and circulation problems appreciate this sock for it’s comfort and stretch. This wonderful virgin wool absorbs heat to keep you cozy, while wicking off moisture. Wear them up to six times before you need to wash them!

There is a special line of therapeutic socks where the socks are knit without a ribbed cuff, to allow unrestricted blood flow to the feet. This is especially useful for those with circulatory problems.

Thermohair Socks were developped in 1992, when no one in the sock industry considered using mohair to knit socks. This fibre was considered too valuable to be worn unseen, on your feet, and was only made for upper body wear, where it could be seen.

Thermohair Inc is an ethical Canadian business, with happy goats! Enjoy the finest socks you will ever own! Treat yourself, or someone special to a pair today! 


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