Lanolin Skin Cream


Can be applied to any other dry areas such as face & neck & for more mature skin, as a night cream.
Excellent barrier properties - prevents skin being leached of its natural moisture and oils. Especially recommended to be massaged in well to the hands before working (e.g. gardening, fishing, labouring, farming). 
Lanolin creates a strong barrier against dirt penetrating the pores of the skin and allows for very easy washing of the hands after work. Re-apply cream after washing hands to ensure exceptional suppleness of the skin.
The cream is especially suitable for Diabetics. Insulin usage will often cause dry skin.  Use on the feet to retain moisture and massage well to prevent calluses and deep cracks forming.
Apply after bath of shower to capture moisture. Will last until your next bath or shower. The more often you use, the less you will need. 
Suitable for many skin problems, e.g. eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis. Terrific for post surgery. Lanolin softens and helps the skin to "stretch".Many have used it right on their scars after surgery, giving relief from itching. Pregnant women can use the cream on the belly to prevent stretch marks. Also great on the nipple while breast feeding, when cracks can occur.

Unscented cream available in:
Tube 50 gm
Pump 240 gm
Jar 500 gm

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