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Sheepskin has been used for centuries not only because it is soft and warm, but also because there are lots of health benefits.

Sheepskins keep the skin warm and dry while decreasing friction & the soft feel on the skin can reduce stress & induce relaxation.

People confined to a bed, wheelchair or with reduced mobility may find many benefits from having a sheepskin accessory.

Great for long rides on motorcycles too!

Canadian Medical Sheepskins do provide extra comfort with a plush 1" pile.

Studies show that Canadian sheepskins can give relief from arthritis, backaches or aid in the prevention of bedsores.

The plush wool pile 'cushions' the body's pressure points to give relief and general well being.

Our sheepskins are machine washable and are available in a natural creamy colour, dyed or naturally spotted.

Please note that sizes and colouring are approximate as sheep are "ewe-nique" no two the same!

Please contact store for the unique sheepskins

Large Shaggy 29" x 44"

Large MedicalΒ  29" x 44" (trimmed to 1")

X Large Medical Β  Β 

Spotted Shaggy 29" x 44"

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