Capris Bamboo All Sizes FV

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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, Ontario offers an extensive collection of bamboo-fibre fashions, including tops, shirts, dresses, cardigans, tank tops, leggings and capris. Made by brands such as Orange Fashion Village and C’est Moi, bamboo from rayon is a breathable material, and derived from a renewable source, making it an eco-friendly fabric of choice.

High-Band, Bamboo Natural Fabric Capri

This 3/4 length bamboo capri is one size fits all. 

Bamboo breathes better than other natural fibers and wicks moisture away keeping the body cool and fresh

Warm in winter and cool in summer. Natural softness & beautiful silky luster making it suitable for the most delicate skin!

Superior breathability over cotton

100% biodegradable

77% Bamboo, 18% Nylon, 5% Spandex

Machine Wash in Gentle Cycle and Tumble Dry, or Dry Clean.