Stanfield's Long Underwear Wool Pant Ladies🍁

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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place carries a large selection of Stanfield's Long Underwear including pants, tops, and onesies in Men’s and Women’s sizes. We also carry Stanfield’s top-quality hats and socks. 🍁

Stanfield's Long Underwear is a superior choice for outdoor activities in cold weather. Crafted from Canadian-made wool blends, these items provide exceptional warmth and insulation! Merino wool keeps you dry, while the Super Wash technology reinforces the garment's durability. Choose from various colour and style options and enjoy reliable protection no matter what activities you pursue!

 These 2 layer leggings offer superior warmth and durability. The outer layer is made from a blend of half merino wool and half cotton. The addition of an inner layer creates a pocket of insulation. 

Please check your size as all undergarments are non-returnable.

Machine Washable.