Slipper Wool 2-3 Year Padraig🍁

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Introduce your baby to comfort with the Slipper Wool Newborn Padraig! Hand-crocheted using 100% sheep wool and lined with sheepskin, these soft and cozy slippers will keep your baby's feet warm and happy. Made by hand in Canada, each pair features a colorful crochet design and leather sole.

Care instructions: Drop them in a washing machine on a short, gentle cycle in warm water using mild soap. Pair with other similarly coloured items, and nothing with a zipper or velcro. Do NOT machine dry. Best to air dry.

The Life of Slipper: Slippers will go through a natural 'pilling' phase after a few weeks. With continued wear or after washing, these pills will disappear on their own. 

B7 2-3 Years old

Please note, wool is hand dyed in small batches. There will be some variation in the colours from the image shown.

Here at The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, we have a great selection footwear to choose from. These adorable Slippers are made in Canada from fine New Zealand wool and a plush sheepskin lining. They are extra comfortable and will keep your little one’s feet nice and cozy! They come in a variety of cute colours.