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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, Ontario offers a large selection of wool and merino rovings from various companies across Canada, such as Moss Creek, Custom Woolen Mills,  and Briggs and Little. Available in one or ¼ pound bags, in a variety of colours. We also carry felting supplies, felting kits, and how-to books. 🍁

These rovings are made from Dorset wool and have a 26-32 micron range.

Roving's (also called roping) are thick, continuous cords of carded wool for use in hand-spinning, hooking rugs, saddle pads, and felt making. They are approximately 3 inches in diameter. 
Using the woolen milling system, our carded wool is brushed, not combed, creating a continuous web with fibers travelling in all directions.
This characteristic significantly quickens the felting process in needle-felt making.

Wool rovings are perfect for all your crafting needs! You can knit thrummed mittens, spin with it, and use it for all sorts of needle and wet felted projects.

For your convenience we are offering the following:

1 pound bags are $29.00
1/4 pound bags are $7.50


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