Blanket Alpaca Double Striped Earth Tones*

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These wonderfully soft Alpaca blankets are great for cold Canadian winters and cool summer evenings.

Fair Trade - Made in Ecuador

Each one is unique in colour stripes 

Size: 60 by 90 aprox

Blend: 70% Alpaca/30% Acrylic

Colour selection may not be exactly as shown as each one is unique. Colours may vary from light to dark. Please specify colour shade or call for current colours. 

When the need to clean your alpaca throw does arise, it is recommended to hand wash your throw with gentle, non-abrasive soap, or even baby shampoo. After washing, place your throw on a flat surface to dry. You can lay it on top of a towel to help absorb extra moisture. 

We recommend that you wash alpaca or mohair blankets by hand in a tub or bath in cold or tepid, barely warm water - never use hot water. Avoid over-working the wool when washing