MacAusland Wool Blanket Queen Cream/Stripe🍁

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    MacAusland’s Wool Blankets and Throws at the Real Wool Shop!

MacAusland’s beautiful 100% virgin wool blankets have been made in Bloomfield, Prince Edward Island since 1932 and are the sole remaining manufacturer of traditional wool blankets in Atlantic Canada. MacAusland's blankets are true Canadian classics.


Edges are blanket stitched in contrasting colour. Our blankets come in many beautiful colours and limited edition patterns. They're also environmentally friendly in more ways than one. MacAusland blankets come in Queen size to keep the whole family warm.

Each blanket weighs approx. 5 lbs

Queen size 76" x 104" approx

 Wash in cool water ,mild soap ,lay flat to dry ,shape while still wet.


***We placed our full order in March 2022 and MacAuslands is so backed up due to covid problems with orders that they are estimating a 6-8 month wait! They will process one box at a time for us. We have an order of 5 of each blanket in their que. If you want us to hold a blanket for you, we suggest you place your order now. When they arrive, you will be guaranteed the color you want. 

**Also, some blankets will be priced higher than others as they have taken a price


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