Sheepskin Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

Sheepskin Seat Belt Shoulder Pad

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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada has an amazing Collection of Sheepskin Products from one of our BC supplies which carries New Zealand Wool and Sheepskin Products. These Products include, Wool mattress pads, Wool Duvets, Sheepskin Car Seat Covers, Sheepskin Chair Pads, Sheepskin Crutch covers, Ankle and Elbow Pads and Steering Wheel Covers. 

Our Lambskin seat belt shoulder pad is the perfect solution to stay comfortable and prevent strap irritation while using your seat belt in your vehicle. No need to struggle and pull the seat belt away from your body while driving. With our Seat Belt Covers you will have a more comfortable driving experience.

It is suitable for adult men and women, and children. It will also protect you better when emergency braking or accidents occur.

Our Protective Seat Belt Shoulder Pads fits seat belts of all sizes, Easy to install with Hook and Loop Closure, It’s adjustable to be a custom fit, and is easy to install them and to remove. Just put it on your seat belt and slide it to the position that fits you the best.

Can be used for any Car, Truck, Jeep, SUV, Airplane Seat Belt, And is also suitable for Handbags, Baby Diaper Bag, Golf Bag, Camera Bags, and Any Other Strap Or Harness Products you want Padded Comfort.