Lint Shaver Prym Maxi

Lint Shaver Prym Maxi

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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, Ontario offers a variety of crafting accessories, such as needles, stitch holders, yarn bowls, spindles, crochet hooks, buttons, needle protectors, and more, all in brands like Prym, Estelle, and ChiaoGoo.

The battery-operated lint shaver leaves woolen clothing looking like new in the twinkling of an eye. Behind the shaving head with holes a shear device with sharp blades rotates.

When you pass this over the material, applying slight pressure, it shaves the protruding lint and little knots off and collects them in its collection cup.

The spacer has three settings to suit different materials.

The device is easy to dismantle for cleaning with the brush supplied.

It has a socket in the battery compartment for use with a power supply. (2 x baby-sized / C 1.5 V batteries required.)