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Sheepskin has been used for centuries not only because it is soft and warm, but also because there are many health benefits.

Wool will keep you warm in the winter and help to regulate body temperature and keep you cooler in warmer temperatures.  

The regulation of your body temperature can help improve overall circulation.  They keep the skin warm and dry, while decreasing friction.

The soft feel on the skin can reduce stress and induce relaxation. 

Sheepskins wick moisture away from the body, helping to prevent skin breakdown, and reduce the incidence of bedsores.

The lanolin found in sheep's wool, can benefit inflamed and sensitive skin and can be of benefit for those suffering from rashes or eczema. 

 The fibers in sheepskin are soft and springy, so it conforms to a person’s body.

Medical sheepskins have an even pile to help reduce friction and pressure points. 

This relieves pressure where it tends to build, improving blood flow. People confined to a bed, wheelchair, or with reduced mobility, may find many benefits from having a sheepskin accessory.

Studies show that sheepskins can give relief from arthritis, backaches or aid in the prevention of bedsores.

Medical sheepskin differ from regular sheepskin as they have been trimmed to an even 1" pile to reduce friction when in contact with the skin. 

They go through an additional tanning process to make them 100% washable.

Medical sheepskin are resistant to fluids such as urine and blood. This makes it a wonderful choice for the elderly and children.

When it is time to clean your sheepskin, we recommend Eucalan Wool Wash.

 Please note that sizes and colouring are approximate as sheep are "ewe-nique"; no two the same!

Large Medical:  29" x 44" (trimmed to 1")

X Large Medical:   34" x 48"  (trimmed to 1")

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