Roving Wool Bheda

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The Real Wool Shop in Carleton Place, Ontario, Canada has a large selection of Wool and Merino Wool Rovings from various Companies in Canada such as, Moss Creek, Custom Woolen Mills, Briggs and Little, and Infiknit. Buy them by the 1 pound bag or 1/4 pound, all colours available. We also carry felting supplies, felting kits and books🍁

De Witte Engel Bheda Wool is a sumptuous felting wool mix. It is ideal for both dry and wet felting.Β You are sure to create something amazing with this wool roving!

Wool rovings are perfect for all your crafting needs! You can create thrummed mittens, chunky blankets, and all sorts of needle felted projects!

Each "Ball" comes in 25 grams.Β 

Colours available:

Yellow, orange, red, warm red, strong pink, magenta, light purple, mauve, purple, white, black, grey, navy blue, skin, cream, lime, light blue, green, brown, fresh mint, dark red, spring green, denim blue, blue, arctic mint, pink, dark blue, turquoise, royal blue, and marine blue.

Colours may not be exact as in pictures.